ATS, short for the applicant tracking system, is increasingly finding its place with recruitment firms, HR managers, and employers in UAE.

The answer to this question is something like this …

The use of ATS software for the recruiting process helps easily locate the right candidates for firms in UAE (and the rest of the world). ATS takes away the guessing and eases organizing of information which takes less time to find the incumbents for each job role as per the originally defined job description. Lastly, with so many applications against each job posted in the tough UAE job market, there is a lot more competition and a pile of resumes to sort through, increasingly smart and busy recruiters in UAE are ATS to avoid going through such a dump. 

Now you know why ATS is becoming so critical for the hiring process in UAE. Let us have a detailed look at how job seekers in the United Arab Emirates can nurture and polish their curriculum vita in a way that helps them get quickly identified and shortlisted by prospective Middle Eastern employers. 

Reasons Recruiters in UAE Rely So Much on ATS Systems for Hiring Job Seekers in Dubai

A highly professional CV writing service in Dubai will focus on delivering a strong ATS resume for you, a key aspect of job-hunting to get through resume screening tools (as discussed above). 

Besides resume screening, computerized resume scanners reject applications that focus on non-ATS friendly resume templates and not on creating an ATS-friendly curriculum vita to communicate their suitability for potential roles and get shortlisted by the screening software used by the recruitment industry.  

Benefits of Using ATS for Dubai Recruiters

Now you know one of the top tips of writing a perfect CV in Dubai and how ATS plays the role of an important element in it. You also understand that the ATS scan is something that would become a common practice and more recruiters in the Gulf region will use resume screening software that scans resume content to help them save time and effort.

There is more to the use of ATS than just keywords. 

So, let’s delve into some of the most common advantages that recruiters get when they rely on applicant tracking systems for shortlisting candidates and how professional Dubai CV writing services tweak your career profile for the same. This detail will surely help you understand why you need to focus so much on an ATS driven resume that includes carefully placed (not overstuffed, will talk about that later), keywords making your career profile easy to search against relevant queries or industry-specific keywords by the recruiters.

Reduced Time to Hire

Imagine a recruiter who is given monthly targets of hiring new resources with access to the databases of some of the leading job sites in the UAE. Now, a perfect resume creator n Dubai for optimal ATS resume has to keep this factor in mind. 

This is a good start to focus on a personalized yet optimized resume that talks with the applicant tracking system instead of a beaten up profile built using a resume builder or resume template that every other job seeker is using. 

A corporate recruiter, who is searching for candidates against a specific job listing, will find it more cost-effective to rely on such software. Thus, it will help your curriculum vita better rank on typical UAE job portal searches. 

Lower Cost Per Hiring

Professional resume writing services in Dubai understand the keyword research that Dubai recruiters do. Thus, they give you a good score on ATS resume keyword optimization. Resume writing services also know that ATS helps recruiters decrease the cost per hire, by automating many of the tasks that they have to perform manually. Even the hiring of college graduates for an open position may go through the ATS filter before the shortlisting process gets started for initial screening.

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Improved Quality of Hire & How Employers Can Renew Their Focus on Hiring Quality Human Resources

One important aspect of resume writing in the UAE is to make you look like a quality hire. For instance, if you are applying for the role of an industrial marketing manager, you need to go through the wall of bots to get in front of the eyes of the recruiters. 

Even the best resume with detailed work experience and impressive transferrable skills may bounce back from this wall. Thus for you to be considered a quality hire, you need to have copies of ATS-friendly resumes that help you stand out for each possible type of job opportunity matching your work profile.

Perfect resume writing services in UAE understand the job search an applicant has to go through and also the bot-beating resume that they need, to become successful at getting shortlisted.

All management cadres from an entry-level position for which even high school students can qualify for a leadership position, job seekers in UAE will increasingly find that even the easiest formats can do the job. However, you have to get the basics right regarding formatting to make it a bit catchy for human eyes. Since employers in Dubai believe that they can increase the quality of the newly hired resources using the ATs software, your curriculum vita should also be written while considering that fact. 

ATS Changing CV Writing in Dubai - 3

Automated Recruitment Process

Why do only a few companies establish themselves as reputable in offering resume writing service in UAE?

Because they do not just help you get through the automated resume screening systems. They use to their advantage ATS’s automated process of hiring as the main thing. It fetches them the most important information and particularly bigger companies where hiring managers do not have the time to look at each potential candidate to see if they have a professional resume template. 

However, an ATS-friendly resume can get through even a mean listing that has so many requirements that a job seeker needs to first fulfill before they can even successfully send their career profile by clicking or tapping the “apply for this job” button.

<h3>Cloud Enabled Environment Further Facilitates the Process

CV writing services in UAE understand the link between ATS resume and how it helps job seekers ranked on a specialized search engine for shortlisting job seekers. Even a word document is now readable following the right points provided here. A professional word document that does not use tables, frames or items prohibits the ability of an applicant tracking system to read through.

Cloud makes searching based on important keywords in prior work experience a lot easier and also reduces the cost of hiring as discussed.

Improved Social Reach Because of Mobile Responsiveness

CV making services in UAE know that besides job boards, many job seekers create a plain text version of the curriculum vitae to share via mobile apps. Thus, any environment including a social media site (think LinkedIn), maybe a recruiter’s best friend. Thus, these companies may also help you with improved reach through a better social media strategy for outreach.

They also know the importance of different resume section headings like we can use in Google docs to help application materials get ranked on random searches. Even recruiters with years of recruiting experience may use different ways to find relevant job candidates.

Access to Real-Time Analytics

Professional CV writing services in Dubai understand that file formats matter. They act as a brand warrior to help you with your cover letter and different resume sections. Since they understand that the main reason for recruiters’ analytics of resume screening software is the ease of use to finding the right incumbents. The company reworks on your sample resume to optimize it for the ATS analytics. 

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Steps Involved in Professional CV Writing for Dubai That Satisfies the ATS

One of the key aspects of hiring a perfect CV writing service in Dubai is that they perform the premium checks that they also teach during staff training to new resume writers. They understand the importance of search engine optimization while also balancing the ATS resume optimization act to help you rank among the best candidates. They have so much experience in perfect resumes for recruiting software programs that you don’t need to worry about issues like “keyword stuffing in your curriculum vita”.

Perfecting the layout of your resume or CV for Dubai to help it get passed through the ATS used by recruiters and hiring managers in UAE. 

Step 1 – The Layout of Your CV for Dubai

Don’t follow the main resume formats or word templates during your job application process that you randomly find online. 

When you follow good CV writing practices, you avoid such blunders. Your CV in Dubai must have the right format or layout. Keep the current position in mind and the deadline for proper time management to apply before the day of application closes.

Avoid using a fancy CV template for jobs in Dubai. Make sure that your professional CV for Dubai has a single column (ideally) and does not have any text boxes or graphics. Avoid the use of headers and footers since they may not be readable by all ATS systems.

Before you expect a job offer, your resume must pass through these simple ATS-friendliness tests.

Always start your resume with your name on the top and first thing in your CV.

Step 2 – What’s the Right File Type for UAE

When it comes to professional resume writing in Dubai, the content of your resume is the second if not the first step. The use of a specific term will help you rank within the applicant system better. However, just following templates with closed eyes with fancy fonts won’t necessarily help you pass through the ATS screen. Just having a positive attitude towards applying has limited effectiveness and you need to learn how technology is changing everything related to hiring when trying to find a job in UAE. You also need to know which file formats make the most sense.

There is a popular belief that PDF is the best format but that may not be entirely accurate. The main benefit of using PDF version CV for the UAE job market is the preservation of the format. For ordinary job applications where you just need to send your curriculum vita by email, a PDF CV will do.

However, when you want the ATS to take you seriously, consider using the Word format, (Doc older file format, and Docx, the new file format for Microsoft Word file). 

Step 3 – Be Mindful of the Right Skills

One of the best things about professional resume writing services in Dubai is that they understand what skills will help you get shortlisted whether it is a senior executive role for software technology startups or entry-level competitive positions in large companies. They do more than just relying on ATS resume templates. 

Keep the job description in mind to perfect your professional resume that goes beyond a good look, including technical, transferrable and IT skills in it. This will help you better showcase yourself in the best possible manner to the Gulf employers in a highly competitive Dubai job market. 

Step 4 – Know the Right Keywords

Software packages claim to help you create the most ATS optimized curriculum vita. However, resume writing in UAE is a lot more than just that. Professional curriculum vitae writers know that every key word matters.  

Pro-Tip! Thus keywords matter a lot more than just the use of fancy templates. 

A good idea for a resume will probably differ for different roles. Thus more effort is required to keep tweaking your CV for Dubai’s tough job market in today’s competitive hiring climate of the UAE. This directly impacts your chances of getting shortlisted in the Middle East job market.

Step 5 – Dates and References Are Important

A highly focused and targeted resume writing service in UAE understands the importance of dates and references. This is the last but among the top five important steps whether you are applying for a marketing manager job or a finance role. 

Since by now you know how much recruiters in UAE are dependent on an applicant tracking system or software to hire humans. For instance, if you have years of financial experience, they need to use a CV template that helps them know your job dates and references.

Keep in mind that recruiters track applications using different methods. Make sure you think through that to carefully include references. Although if you strictly ask for ATS, references make a small impact and you may decide not to include them. Dates give a clearer idea about the employment history if the recruiters are using any date filters to find you. Also, this easy way helps the ATS conveniently read the dates and job titles in your resume.

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Final Word of Caution

Before we get obsessed with the ATS, there are certain things that you need to follow what professional resume writing services in UAE suggest.

  • If you want to get in a top search result, follow a balance between readability and strategic use of job-specific keywords.
  • If possible, try to create different versions with slightly differing keywords that the system collects so that you can have multiple profiles ranking for somewhat similar jobs when recruiters search for you.
  • Focus on the fact that a high school student CV in comparison to the one for a senior management resume will be different altogether.
  • Remember, that your curriculum vita has to go through the resume screening systems as well as human hands. So don’t get obsessed with just making the applicant tracking system happy, keep the HR managers (who will be human for now) in your mind.

Use Keywords Carefully (Don’t Do Keyword Stuffing)

Just adding more keywords won’t get you a high match rate. Try to diversify the use by applying different keywords for the ATS. Professional CV writing services in Dubai recommend that you remember that online systems keep evolving. So, every word you add should help you create an overall profile, enabling you to go above and beyond the typical templates approach and stop fretting too much about the design elements. 

For instance, the inclusion of teamwork skills may not be a direct industry keyword but something that the recruiters are looking for when hiring a programmer for an IT company. Therefore, you must think of the ATS as an artificially intelligent software that looks at all the information provided in your CV to decide if you are the right candidate or not. So, in the example discussed above, just adding “teamwork” may help you improve your rankings as a side trait but something your hiring manager is looking for.  

Apply for the Jobs You Qualify

Do not forward your CV for jobs that you don’t directly qualify for. For instance, you may be a great candidate to be hired as a Product Manager but not as a Sales Manager in the same industry or role. So, focus on using the action verbs and keywords that help you get recruiters’ attention for highly relevant roles. 

A professional CV writing service in Dubai will save space on your curriculum vitae by not working on keywords that do not directly relate to the jobs you don’t qualify for.

If you send a recruiter your resume for a job you don’t qualify for, it will hurt your chances of getting considered by that recruiter when you qualify for another role in the future within the same company. 

Do Google Search and you will know that an ATS-friendly resume software performs a host of functions like collecting, sorting, scanning and ranking information of job applicants. 

Besides Keywords Also Focus on Your Strategic CV Content Quality in General (Basic Grammatical or Proofreading Mistakes)

Imagine you are sending your CV in Dubai for an FMCG Marketing Manager position, happy that it is a perfect opportunity and you will get to the knockout questions stage since you have an ATS friendly resume. However, you may get passed for that role because you qualified for the job opening but there were some basic grammatical and spelling mistakes. You will lose that perfect opportunity and miss your best shot. So, make sure that your curriculum vita helps you make that great first impression. 

Conclusion of Writing ATS-Friendly CV for UAE

Keep in mind that resume writing in Dubai is changing fast. Just focusing on ATS resume keyword optimization to land in every keyword research won’t take care of everything for you. 

There are many important tips that you need to follow. An ATS-friendly resume writing service is doing more than just blindly following random templates. Since resume templates usually may not necessarily be ATS friendly. From recent college graduates to candidates for Executive Management positions, career-oriented professionals in the UAE are increasingly understanding the role of an ATS filter in getting them shortlisted and you also need to do so.

For professional CV writing service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain UAE, get in touch with us now! Drop us an email at info[at]

Best of luck in your job search within the Middle Eastern job market!

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