Let’s first admit it, the space for CV writing in Dubai has become competitive and every other CV writing service in Dubai claims to offer the best service. This blog post is written to help you look at some of the factors that would help you shortlist the best CV writing company in Dubai so that you increase your chances of getting hired.

First, why is it so important to find the right CV writing company in Dubai? Well, because not every company understands the UAE’s job market, employers, level of competition, and difficulties that job seekers (mostly ex-pats coming to Dubai for the first time on a visit visa) find while trying to negotiate a handsome salary package. Thus, you need to find a company that would help you stand out from the rest of the talent pool available to the employer firms working in Dubai. 

How Can A CV Writing Company in Dubai Help?

Before we go to the actual processing of finding the perfect CV maker in Dubai, you need to know the impact a professional CV writing service in Dubai can have on your job prospects.

Here is how professional CV writing company in Bur Dubai can help improve your career prospects.

1. Professional CV Layout

A UAE’s leading online CV writing service would do more than just professionally linking up your resume. They understand that your first impression will count a great deal in front of an employer. Don’t risk this impression by using a poor resume layout. Hire a CV writing company in Dubai that you think can do justice to your first impression when forwarding your job application letter for an opportunity.

2. Use of Proper Language

One of the things that you would find common among the best CV writing services in Dubai is the use of proper language. They understand as professional CV makers in Dubai that language means everything. If you are coming for the first time in Dubai and English is not your first language, consider hiring professional resume writing services in Dubai. Resume writers in Dubai who have spent years mastering their craft, know what they are doing. Let it to the best CV writers in Dubai.

3. Detailed CV for Middle Eastern Companies

Always keep in mind that an ambiguous profile description would not help you accurately align yourself with the job market demand. Professional resume consultants know the right way to upgrade your resume convert it from an ordinary curriculum vitae to an awesome CV. They understand that detail is essential when it comes to creating a perfect resume for the UAE job market.

4. Introduction to Your Previous Employers (One Line Intros)

Professional CV writing services in Dubai focus on improving your existing CV to a great deal. For instance, the best resume writing services in Dubai also add an introduction to the employers for which you have worked in your home country. CV services in Dubai understand that not every company working outside the Middle East will be known to the local employers. Thus, always consider this advantage of hiring professional resume writing help in Dubai.

5. Well Versed with the UAE’s Job Market Trends

A resume writing company in Dubai can truly transform your profile data. Besides giving you a properly structured resume that can grasp employer attention at a glance, they also know the changing job market trends and needs. Thus, they optimize your curriculum vitae while knowing how employers look through each of those profiles, something newcomers to Dubai or UAE will take considerable time to understand.

6. Understand the Psyche of the Middle Eastern Employers

CV writing details need to be added carefully and aligned brilliantly, something only the best of the CV writing services in UAE understands. For instance, not many job seekers new to the Middle Eastern job market consider cover letter writing as an important communication medium to articulately converse with potential employers and sell your skills. Thus, a professional curriculum vitae writer can help you with a highly targeted cover letter.

How to Find the Best CV Writing Company in Dubai?

Here are some suggestions that would help you find out the best CV writing company in Dubai, which you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Professional Website Layout

Whether you are looking for a LinkedIn profile makeover in UAE or to help you prepare well your CV with desired career details to get a job full of perks, you need to look at the company’s website. A CV writing company in Dubai can link you with employers if they have a properly designed website that shows their competence. If they don’t have a well-formatted website, they won’t probably be able to do much good should they be hired for LinkedIn profile writing service.

2. A Proper Blog with Immaculate Content

When it comes to standing out in the corporate world, you need to have professional writers put maximum efforts for you with all the industry experience they have. A professional CV company in Dubai will have a team of professional CV writers whose writing you can also witness by having a look at their blog. Is the career advice given on their blog for job seekers in the UAE good enough for you to follow? Does it make sense or is it just randomly churned content, rewritten, without the addition of any thought or value added to it.

3. Their Writing Should Reflect Their Knowledge of the CV Writing Industry of UAE

If you are looking for a reliable CV writing company in Dubai, their writing should reflect the level of satisfaction that you aim to achieve. Besides the services offered and synchronized, they must brilliant showcase their prowess. A professional image of a top-notch resume writing service in UAE can only form if they can communicate with you professionally and with relative ease. 

4. A Perfect CV Writing Company Must Also Be Affordable

They are many recommended as best resume writing service providers with each having a template bazaar set up. But, besides the selection of words, for them to be career-focused resume service providers, they must be affordable too. An affordable CV writing company in Dubai can inspire job seekers to hire them. They must also understand the requirements of employers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah or other regions besides knowing about the demands of the industries that require human resources.

5. They Must Be Willing to Share Samples

Whether you want to apply for jobs posted by employers in Abu Dhabi or employers in Sharjah, you need to have a career-focused resume that inspires action from recruiters, employers, and HR managers alike. Job seekers don’t just forward their CV to a company that claims to offer exemplary CV writing service. They must also ask for any previous work samples that they have completed in the past to know the quality of resume writing service that they are delivering to the job seekers of the Middle East.

6. Always Ask for Multiple Edits Option

When you are convinced that you want to hire a particular CV writing company that you think is affordable too, always ask before giving any more that will they accommodate multiple resume edits? If yes, only then hire their resume services, else don’t because it is very hard to get a perfect CV the first time. You may need to ask them for edits, minor adjustments, or worse, some grammatical mistakes they did not tend to when they were finalizing your curriculum vitae. You need perfect curriculum vitae before you expect one or two interview calls from a prominent employer offering great career prospects.

7. Cover Letter Writing & LinkedIn Profile Makeover Must Be Part of Their Service Offerings

A professional CV writing company in Dubai understands that you just don’t need a CV, but also a cover letter and LinkedIn profile too. Thus, check their website to see if they are offering these two additional services as well, so that if you feel the need (highly recommended), you also consider getting their services for getting a professionally written cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

8. Free Revisions & Timely Delivery

A lot of the job seekers who have either lost their job because they got fired or their company closed their operations in Dubai or the ones coming for the first time as ex-pats looking for a job, are short on time. The job seekers in UAE on visit visas have to find a role before their visa expires and the same goes for the ones who have lost their job because of any reason as they have limited time to stay in UAE. Thus, you need to hire a company that ensures timely delivery of your CV or resume and does not ask for any money if you ask for edits at the time of submission of the first draft.

9. 24/7 Customer Support

There can be dissatisfaction among job seekers due to errors, or because the changes were not done correctly. A CV writing company in UAE serves not just Dubai but also other Emirates of UAE like Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain too. Thus, expect form expert professional & executive resume writers to deliver 24/7 customer support, and keep revising until you are happy. They must also be OK responding to your query at any time of the day whether you are a new customer or an old one.

10. CV Customization to Your Needs

Remember that your CV is not just a piece of document, but the first interaction with your employer. It helps you communicate effectively with your prospective employer. Therefore, always try to ascertain upfront if the CV writing company in Dubai that you are choosing will customize your profile to help you stand out from the rest of the job seekers looking to fill the same role.

11. Floating of a Questionnaire

Regardless of the talent and skills mentioned in CVs or resumes, questionnaires have a special place in the CV writing industry of the Middle East. When growing their career, job seekers need to work with an organization that is not just fixing problems but also never to compromise on quality. For you to believe in their capabilities, they must share with you a questionnaire so that you can give all your information to them.  

12. Open and Transparent Communication

A professional CV writing company in UAE will be communicating freely with you to make your life easy and not difficult. Before you get impressed by their CV layout, you need to know if you come to the right place and you can easily communicate with them from basics like the alignment of the page to anything else that you think you can perfect your curriculum vitae.

13. OK With Feedback and Have Exceptional Customer Service

Best CV editing services always OK with feedback. If some company claims to be helpful but they are not interested in your career prospects or improving your curriculum vitae after getting your money, you must not hire them. Job opportunities in the tough Middle Eastern job market are hard to find. Therefore, you need a company that believes in delivering world-class customer service.

If you are looking professional CV writing services in the Middle East, drop us an email at info[at]cvwritingdubai.com to take your CV, Cover Letter, or LinkedIn Profile to the next level.